DOM Array Methods

This project focused on being able to add ‘users’ to the list, give the person a wealth number.  The user can then double the money of the ‘users’, filter by only millionaires and sort by the richest people.  It also allows for the entire wealth to be calculated.   This project uses the Random User Generator […]

PowerBI Demo

This is a PowerBI report I did for funzies showing the statistics from our weekly football kick about for the year 2017.  The trophies did change to gold if they were won by the player, however this has stopped working, I am currently trying to get this functioning again.  Have a click around, there are […]


Part of my role at Here (Care Unbound Ltd.) included being part of the Cyber Security Response Team which involved being aware of current cyber security threats and respond accordingly.  I was working the day of the 2017 WannaCry ransomeware attack and spent most of the day floor walking and liaising with our IT provider […]

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